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Frequently Asked Questions or more commonly known as FAQs, are basically a framework for potential blog ideas. While people may toggle through FAQ section to explore popular topics and solutions, but, for a writer, FAQs may turn out to be more than just Frequently Asked Questions, as you can derive entire Blog Topics from the FAQs section.

Today, we’re going to give you a brief example-based guide, as to how you could write FAQ Styled Blogposts, by turning questions into interesting topics or guide, which will serve the audience fairly well.

Writing FAQ Styled Blogposts Guide

Writing FAQ Styled Blogposts turns a random question, into an interesting and captivating topic, both expanding on the subject of the question, and giving the audience something interesting to read.

Here’s how you can write FAQ-styled Blogposts:

1. Dig Into Your FAQs Page/ Section For Topic Exploration

The first step you ought to do, before writing an FAQ-styled Blogpost, is to toggle through your FAQ page or section and see all the underlying questions to derive topics from each respective question. The nature of the question, and most importantly, the subject of the question will immediately pop and you’ll end with picking up a blog topic in no time. As an example of such a scenario, you could picture yourself as a Python Developer, with the following FAQ on your page: How will you work with me? Taking a deeper perspective out of this question, you could turn the question around into a blog topic, saying: What is it like working with a Python Developer. See, it’s that simple.

2. Turn FAQ Topics Into Discussion-based Topics

The second step towards writing FAQ-styled blog articles is to turn random and generic questions, which is exactly how FAQs are, into creative, discussion-based topics, that the audience would really want to read out. Taking the same example from the first step, if your FAQ section pertains to generic questions like terms and conditions, operational procedures, and vice versa. You can create topics relevant to your discipline, for example: How Do You Setup A WordPress Website, Do’s and Don’ts of WordPress, SEO Tips & Tricks, and similarly, you could continue further.

3. Take A Step-By-Step Approach

The aim of writing an FAQ-styled Blogpost is to expand on the subject matter of any respective question. While the answers provided under FAQs are precise, brief, and to the point, you need to follow a standardized approach with the Blog, following a unique and creative format, dissecting the subject matter into sub-topics. This standardized approach will let the audience know that you’re actually giving them a detailed overview of the FAQ-based topic. Like the general rule of thumb, your blog topics should thoroughly and accurately cover the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

4. Brainstorm and Transform One FAQ Question Into 5 Blog Topics

This is another way you can conveniently write FAQ-styled Blogposts, by taking one single question, then diving into your creative thinking zone, and drawing down at least 5 concrete blog topics out of the respective question. This way, you’ll be having to cover more topics, making your page even more interesting. For example, if your page is related to Digital Marketing, and you have the following FAQ: How Questions Impact Digital Marketing? How do you avail our SEO services? Well, you can transform this simple question into a number of blog topics like: How to find the right Digital Marketing platform for your business, Digital Marketing Guide For Beginners, What is BOGOF? Why Should You Opt For Digital Marketing in 2021, and vice versa. The list will continue on as you take the brainstorming and transformation approach.

5. Focus On Keywords to Trigger Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a writer, you must be well-aware of the significance of Keywords and SEO. Well, writing FAQ-styled Blogposts needs even more attention, when it comes to keywords, as keywords are the main part of the FAQ-based Blogposts, since you’re essentially dealing with the subject matter of the question at hand, hence, you need to deploy the write keywords in your FAQ-styled Blog topics. Whatever the nature of the question is, you need to optimize the use of keywords and create relevant topics, as to the nature of the FAQ. You can refer to the examples presented in the 4th step, to get a better idea of what we’re trying to say.


Giving all that we discussed above, you can see that writing FAQ-styled Blogposts isn’t rocket science. It just requires a standardized approach and some creative thinking. And by following the steps we have elaborated above, you’ll be writing tons of FAQ-styled blogs, without any hassle.

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