Best WordPress Blogging Themes 2022

Best WordPress Blogging Themes 2020

Starting your own blog or website may not come off as a surprise to you any longer and perhaps, the hype got to you as well. And why wouldn’t it? After all, internet has upped its ante through the numerous opportunities given to people.

To start off your WordPress career with a major blow of success, you’ll need to know one of the secrets which is; an amazing theme. To get more visitors and traffic into your website, you will have to surf the internet to find the best theme out there – that is both, innovative and appealing to the audience.

Though it sounds fun, choosing the best one amongst a whole chunk of great themes can truly be a hefty task.

Before jumping into the specifics, lets first address why you should start blogging?

    1. Express yourself or your passion
      Through a blog, you’ll be able to write and communicate to the world about your favorite niches or personal experiences, such as, food or fashion.
    2. Improve writing skills
      By constantly writing about various niches, you’ll be able to improve your way of expressing yourself and academic writing.
    3. Make money
      You can monetize your blog; either by use of adverts on the blog or by increasing the number of visitors on your site.
    4. Build a network and make your business grow
      Gradually, you’ll be able to have great fan following and contacts with professionals as well. Through this, you can further create partnerships or expand your portfolio further to benefit.

Notably, the most popular WordPress themes come with a high-price tag – which many people don’t have on cards, unless of course, your blog makes an efficient amount of money to be utilized for that. The good news is there are free as well as paid themes.

We have compiled a list of themes which include both, free and paid themes to make this lengthy task, easier for you.

1. Readable – Blog Template Focused on Readability

Readable - Blog Template Focused on Readability

Hands down, the first one to be in our list, is Readable. The name of the theme itself is self-explanatory – as this theme is made to provide you with the best reading experience. From tweaking the font size, hierarchy, word per line to contrast and colors, Readable is sure you give your website an appealing look.

It has a sleek and modern design which is ideal for bloggers who can use this theme to write about many niches such as, travel, fashion, etc. The grid designs are presented in a way that your text is the primary focus and the rest is secondary.

Main Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Very fast and lightweight
  • Translation-ready (Multilingual plugin)
  • SEO code
  • Numerous color choices
  • Extensive support and documentation
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2. Divi – Build Visually

Divi - Build Visually

This is a highly diverse option, applicable and usable to/for all, including freelancers, agencies and website owners. Divi has a module for everything ranging from blogs to forms and galleries.

Moreover, it allows you to have full control over the design, so you are the boss here. There’s no hassle of finding the text as everything is straightforward which is a characteristic appreciated by the visitors.

Main Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Unlimited customization options
  • The interface is minimalistic yet modern
  • There are advertisement areas
  • Drag and drop options
  • Has over 800 pre-made layouts for websites
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3. Astra – Free WordPress Blog Theme

Astra - Free WordPress Blog Theme

If you’re on a hunt for the perfect base theme, then look no further as Astra would be the most appropriate theme for you. It is a fast and customizable theme that is suited to many sorts of individuals including, bloggers or even businessmen.

Notably, this theme can also be used for online stores website. Astra incorporates many plugins; page builders and supports various languages.

Main Features:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Translation-ready
  • Attractive theme
  • Unparalleled speed
  • WooCommerce ready
  • SEO code
  • Completely free
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4. Personal – Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme

Personal – Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme

Personal is a blog theme that has amazing reviews and is known to be one of the most unique and attractive themes out there. The functionalities vary from basic to advanced so it is suited to everyone’s requirements.

Moreover, Personal blog theme covers all niches of blogs, be it, fashion, travel, food or any other segment, it can cater to each of them effectively with its amazing layout designs and other features.

Main Features:

  • Filled with layout options
  • Including videos as part of the blog
  • Mobile responsive
  • Translation-ready files
  • Use of Google AdSense
  • Unlimited color themes options
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5. Adorable – Feminine & Stylish WordPress Theme

Adorable – Feminine & Stylish WordPress Theme

Adorable is a theme that is modern, sophisticated and stylish and makes the perfect option for bloggers (lifestyle or fashion).

It’s incredibly easy to use and has a range of subtle colors like grey, white and red which makes it more attractive to most visitors.

Main Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO code
  • Flexible customizer
  • Support
  • Featured slider
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6. Let’s Blog WordPress Theme

Best Way - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Another really cool blog theme is Best way. It features a smooth and modern interface that is user friendly and simple to use. It is loaded with functionalities that are essential for a good WordPress blog theme. This includes multiple header designs, three layout options and many more

Interestingly, it also has different header and footer layouts with pre-designed demos. This theme is highly responsive and support latest technology as well as unlimited updates.

Key features

  • Highly responsive and compatible with many browsers
  • Compatible with many plugins including WooCommerce
  • Multilanguage and translation ready
  • Different template pages and custom widgets
  • Clean and modern interface
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7. Aden – A WordPress Blog Theme

Aden - A WordPress Blog Theme

Aden is a WordPress blog theme that is very easy to use, has a clean and modern interface and is perfectly suited to all people – Beginners and advanced users. It has a very attractive look to it which can in turn retain visitor’s attention on your post as each post is creatively displayed with a picture making it seem very interesting.

It is an easily customizable theme and you can take the benefit of Live Theme Customizer. With unlimited customization options, this theme is sure to make your blog unique and more engaging.

Main Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Support and documentation for guide
  • Unlimited layout designs
  • Translation ready
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy to use
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8. Basho – Multipurpose Ghost Blog WordPress Theme

Scratch - Premium WordPress Blog Theme

Basho is a premium multipurpose theme that is carefully designed with creative touch of newest technology suited to advanced users more as it has a range of functionalities that can make your website look very exclusive. Moreover, it features a clean and modern design that perfectly fits to all niches including travel, fashion and travel blogs.

There’s a lot of flexibility within this theme too. It has light and dark mode feature. This theme is Ghost 5.x ready. It is fully responsive and efficient with translation ready and a lot more incredible features. It is definitely worth the price because of the range of features and benefits it has to offer.

Key features

  • Highly responsive and efficient
  • Ghost 5.x ready
  • Powerful plugins
  • Light and Dark mode
  • Fully customized
  • Creative and modern designs
  • Blog ready with free Google fonts
  • Great support and well-documented
  • Multilanguage and translation ready
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9. Rosie – A Beautiful WordPress Blog and Shop Theme

Rosie - A Beautiful WordPress Blog and Shop Theme

If you’re a person who has an innate tendency to appreciate beauty and aesthetics of things, then this is the theme for you. Rosie is a stunning WordPress blog theme that is generally used for shop themes too.

Specifically, this theme would be perfect for travel blogs as the layout and design of this theme is applicable to travelers to write and share their travel experiences to different places. There’s an aura of elegance to the theme owing to its amazing typography and well-structured options that you can play around with.

Main Features:

  • Lightweight and fast
  • SEO Optimized
  • Compatible with all browsers and mobile responsive
  • Featured content area
  • Easy to install
  • Elegant and beautiful design
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10. Rosemary – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Rosemary - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Rosemary is yet another elegant and bright theme that is highly sophisticated making it perfect for art, travel or fashion niches. Rosemary has Instagram footer area where you can show off your personal work or life too, leading to more followers.

Moreover, you can also include other nice widgets as there are plenty. You don’t have to stress over formats as the blog incorporates all the necessary ones. The contemporary look of Rosemary is undeniably appealing and is guaranteed to wow people.

Main Features:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Lots of color options
  • Widgets options
  • Support
  • Different blog layouts
  • Translation ready
  • Different post formats
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My Verdict:

Analyzing the above information, our take on this is that the perfect blog theme is essential to the success of your website and that the perfect blog theme always ranges from topic to topic. So, hopefully, this list should assist you in doing that.

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