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IThemes Coupon Code

IThemes coupon codes are advertised on its official website, as well as by different sponsored websites. With iThemes,  new users are able to avail attractive prices on shared web hosting plans,  with monthly payments as low as $4. On top of that,  iThemes prompt customer service will not disappoint you,  and your queries will be addressed and dealt with, almost instantly.


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Finding a good platform that provides customized templates, themes, and on site Plugins, along with shared web hosting plans, for one’s e-commerce setup isn’t a difficult task today; however, what’s difficult is to find one that offers discounts and coupon codes.

For that reason, today, we will guide you on how you could avail and redeem coupon code on

Note: iThemes coupon codes are advertised on the company’s official webpage. In addition to that, third-party sponsored websites also provide users verified discount codes that are redeemable on iThemes.

Disclosure: This guide contains affiliate links. When you purchase a theme through the links, I sometime earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

However, before we jump in to the guide, here’s a brief outlook on iThemes:

What is iThemes?

What is iThemes ?

IThemes is a popular web hosting platform for WordPress, specifically designed to cater to the needs of small business startups,  and even large E-commerce establishments. On top of that,  iThemes offers variety of WordPress themes, templates, and plugins as well,  for WordPress. iThemes started off its business in 2008, and has worked towards excellence and convenience in web hosting,  over the last 12 years.

What payment method does iThemes accept?

What payment method does iThemes accept?

IThemes accepts Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover credit card payments, as well as PayPal. All payments must be made through iThemes’ online payment system.

Do I have refund facility, if I don’t like iThemes?

Do I have refund facility, if I don’t like iThemes?

Because of the nature products iThemes deals with,  themes and services,  which are digitally delivered and non-tangible goods,  refunds or chargebacks for such purchases are not applicable. However, as for the WordPress Hosting packages, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee,  in case you want to opt out of the hosting plans.

How to Use the iThemes Coupon Code?

How to Use the iThemes Coupon Code?

Now, since that’s set aside, let’s begin with our guide. Step 1 – “Visit iThemes’ Official Promo/ Discount Section Page”

To start off, you need to head to iThemes’ official discount section page, where you would be able to toggle through different advertised coupon codes. However, if you have an external coupon code, you may skip this step. Keep in mind that we always recommend you opt for the official coupon code because it is safer and you are guaranteed discount.

Anyhow, moving back to the guide, once you land on the discount page, you will be greeted with the following screen:



From the above picture, you can see that 20% discount code is being advertised on the top of the yellow bar, which offers you flat 20% discount, sitewide. You need to hit the white button on the top that says “Save 20% Off Now.”

Step 2 – “Choosing Coupon-Applicable Link”

After you have redeemed your coupon code, you will be redirected to different options, on which the discount code is applicable. These are the following options you will be greeted with:



Simply choose any one option that fits your requirement, and proceed ahead.

For the purpose of our guide, we went with Backup Buddy.

Step 3 – “Choosing a Plan”

After you proceed with your desired option from step 2,  you will have to select a plan, which you’re comfortable with,  again, depending on your requirements.

Here’s a screenshot of the available plans of Backup Buddy:



The picture above highlights all the three plans,  which you have to choose from.  In addition to that, you can also see that there’s a coupon code being highlighted right above the plan window.  You may note down this coupon code, if you wish to do so, but it will be applied automatically,  at checkout.

Step 4 – “Verifying Coupon Code”

In this last step, you simply need to verify, whether your coupon code has been applied or not. After moving forth with step 3, you will land at the final billing or checkout page, where you may scroll down to see the breakup of your billing, and you will find that the coupon is applied.

Here’s a picture to make things more clear:


The above screenshot, clearly verifies the coupon code that we redeemed in the start, as highlighted in the billing, next to discount.

And that’s about it. Hope you found the guide useful, and were able to apply your coupon code at iThemes.

Enjoy your savings!


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